Shri G K Ramamurthy

It gives me immense joy to ‘talk to you‘ through this Site. I have planned a ‘series of talks’ with you bringing you up-to-date information on our foundation from time to time. Importantly this page will focus on a number of issues that will be of interest to you – parenting, nutrition and good health, managing the inevitable stress on our lives, contributing to the happiness of others, leading a fulfilling life in these turbulent times, balancing our work life and family life , and managing ourselves successfully both at home and at our work place.

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G.S.Kalyanasundaram Memorial School

Dr.G.S.Kalyanasundaram Memorial School: Founded in 2007 and pursued with passion, Dr.G S Kalyanasundaram Memorial School under the CBSE curriculum in Kumbakonam today stands majestically in a vast area of 11 acres land and is already making waves far and wide in Tamil Nadu.

Dr.G.S.Kalyanasundaram Memorial School, in a very short span of time , since its inception in 2007, has made tremendous strides in creating standards of education in CBSE curriculum and infrastructure facilities that are comparable to the very best seen in the city schools.

Today Dr.G.S.Kalyanasundaram Memorial School stands tall as a highly sought after centre for quality education that includes academics, sports, computer education and a curriculum incorporating compulsory periods in music, dance, crafts, drawing, dramatics and karate.