Vasantha Memorial Trust

One of the focus areas of the GKR Foundation in health care is financial assistance for treatment of cancer. The Foundation channelises its resources towards cancer treatment substantially through Vasantha Memorial Trust. The Vasantha Memorial Trust, inspired by the vision and leadership of Dr. J Ramanathan is rendering yeoman service to the cancer patients by way of subsidized treatments, patient counselling and well structured awareness programmes throughout the year. The Trust has its centers in Mumbai, Chennai and Coimbatore.

In the words of Dr. J Ramanathan, “For several years now, the Trust has been guided by the benevolence of Shri G.K.Ramamurthy. In fact, he has been the pillar of our activities. His altruistic gestures has enabled us to cure an increasingly larger number of patients over a period of time. The Trust is deeply indebted to Shri G.K.Ramamurthy for making many of our dreams come true. For us, it is like having a divine hand lead the way ahead.

Shri GKR at the inauguration of Chennai Centre