Chairman's Message

Dear Parents, Teachers, Children and Dear All.

It gives me immense joy to ‘talk to you‘ through this Site. I have planned a ‘series of talks’ with you bringing you up-to-date information on our foundation from time to time. Importantly this page will focus on a number of issues that will be of interest to you – parenting, nutrition and good health, managing the inevitable stress on our lives, contributing to the happiness of others, leading a fulfilling life in these turbulent times, balancing our work life and family life , and managing ourselves successfully both at home and at our work place. You will also hear about the important news covering our schools. I will bring out to you the latest on career opportunities for your children on completion of their schooling..

There will also be a plenty of useful inputs especially for those who are in teaching and for those who want to join this noble, rewarding and emotionally enriching profession. There will be plenty of ‘tips ‘ for the kids and the adolescents for healthy living. Sure you will enjoy listening from me. For any feedback and suggestion register yourself in the sites giving your email id.

Shri G K Ramamurthy
Chairman - GKR Foundation